Oil casing

Mainly used for oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transportation
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Name: API 5CT oil casing pipe, finished casing

Purpose: Pipes that have been drilled and used as lining walls are inserted from the ground surface.

How to use: 1. Before use, check whether the thread type at both ends is consistent with the type of the drawing design (the thread of the connecting member on site).

2. Clean the thread and check whether there are bumps, cracks, inclusions and other defects on the thread surface.

3. Evenly apply special thread sealing grease for petroleum tubing and casing to the threads at both ends. Manually rotate the threads at both

 ends that need to be matched to make the threads fit tightly.

4. Use a tightening device with torque display to rotate the two threads to the torque specified by the API standard to prevent leakage.

Material or steel grade: J55, K55, N80, N80Q, L80, L80-9cr, L80-13cr, P110,

Thread type:

Non-thickening tubing thread (NU\NUE\TBG)

External thickening tubing thread (EU\EUE\UPTBG)

         Alternative threads for NEW VAM, VAM TOP, FJL, TP-CQ, TPG2, 3SB, etc. series


Specification model: API 5CT casing and tubing specification