Drill tool joint

A short joint connecting two drill pipes.

Divided into tool joint pin and tool joint box
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Joint for short.
A short joint connecting two drill pipes.
In rotary drilling, a special sub is fastened on the drill pipe in order to speed up the thread fastening and unfastening during the tripping operation, and make it easy to buckle and repair.
The outer diameter is generally the same as the outer diameter of the drill collar connected, but slightly larger than the outer diameter of the drill pipe to ensure that the drill pipe will not be rubbed by the formation when working downhole.
One end of the joint car has a fine female buckle, in order to connect with the drill pipe body, if necessary, can be welded dead;
At the other end is a coarse buckle (male or female) with a certain taper for connection with a joint on another drill pipe.
The butt welded drill pipe joint has only a coarse buckle, and the other end is butt-welded to the drill pipe.
The type of joint can be generally divided into perforation type, normal type and flat type three.